Auditable tracking for all of your electronic assets

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S2S use a unique tracking system for all assets collected for refurbishment and re sale. The system used is called Trakk-IT and this allows for complete traceability from collection, receipt, testing and final re sale. It uses state of the art RFID technology to offer ‘live’ visibility to clients on the whereabouts of each individual asset through the process.


  • Items tagged either on receipt at S2S or at customer premises for reading by both fixed and portable RFID readers.
  • Key stages pre programmed for product types such as Visual Check, Pat Test, Data Erasure, Functional Test and Cleaning so that ALL process have to be completed.
  • Data Erasure Fail safe such that product cannot be passed if no erasure certificate exists.
  • Interface with Data Erasure Software Management Console to allow certificate recognition and production
  • Customer Portal with ‘live’ statistics and information on the collections and pre programming of collections.
  • PAS 141 compatible system

Trakk-IT is a truly unique customer experience that gives you full visibility and traceability of your assets.



To learn more about how our tracking system works, get in touch with a member of our team or request a live demonstration.

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